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Each plan includes a certain amount of RAM, disk, and transfers.
Extra amounts of each are available in standard and bulk quantities.

If you order enough of an extra to qualify for the bulk pricing, you'll get it automatically for all bulk-sized blocks, and pay regular pricing for any fractional parts left over. So, for example, if you order 640 MB of extra RAM, you'll be charged for two bulk blocks of 256MB each and two standard blocks of 64MB each (2 x 256 + 2 x 64 = 640).

Extra disk space (GB)
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Extra transfers (GB/month)
Extra IPs 3 max (2 extra) with the V-Colo 1 or V-Colo Mini service levels
Maximum extra transfers (in dollars) $ If your server uses more transfers than you order (transfers included in your server, plus any extra transfers you may order here), you'll be billed at the standard (not bulk) rate for the overage. You can control how much extra you can be billed- you can pick $0 to $50 of extra charges. Please see this FAQ entry for a more detailed explanation.

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