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Panix Mail Service Order Form

Use this form to add Panix mail service for a domain. Mail service includes unlimited aliases. Separate mailboxes are available. Please click here if you wish to order web service for this domain.

If you have chosen 'Normal DNS service' for the DNS service level (that is, you wish Panix to provide DNS service for this domain), and this domain already exists in the global DNS system, we must verify that you control this domain. We will add the service, but DNS for the domain will not be served until such verification has taken place. There are 2 ways to prove control of the domain:

Once this is done, a nightly job will update the verification state of the domain. You can speed the process by clicking the Recheck button in the DNS control panel at once we have processed your order.

If you have questions, or would like further clarification, please send us email.

Service information

If you have not registered a domain name yet, please click here for instructions on how to do so.
The billing period you select will also apply to mailboxes in this domain. Note: If you choose yearly, there is a "2 month free" discount built into the price. Yearly services are paid in advance and not refundable.
Mailboxes can be billed individually, or in blocks of 10. Click here for pricing information.
If you have chosen normal DNS, we will automatically set up records necessary for Panix mail service. You will be able to add and manage additional records using our control panel at

If you have chosen slave service, you will be able to set up the Masters at
At least one master is required for slave DNS

Support contact information

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Optional: an email address to use for password reset email if you've forgotten your password.

Secure control panel login is a secure site on which you can manage billing, make payments, add and remove mailboxes and aliases in your domain. If you are adding this service to an existing billing record, it is likely you aleady have a login, and do not need to add another.

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